How I Prepare for Anal

WARNING: This page is about how to clean the shit out of your ass for anal sex - it might be a bit too graphic for some people.  Also, this is what I do - I’m not recommending you do it.  I am not qualified to give medical advice or know what all the side effects might be for everyone.

Usually I really enjoy anal sex and sometimes I can’t even cum without anal stimulation.  I am not into scat and if I even suspect I might be dirty it really turns me off.  This is what I do to clean my ass for anal sex.  If you have any other tips let me know and I’ll add what I think are the best ones to this page.

How I clean my ass depends on what will be happening.  First, if I know I will be doing anal sex I try to poop at least a couple of hours before.  Also, I always use the “finger check” immediately before anal.  I literally put my finger in my ass and pull anything out that I find.  If it’s soft or I can’t remove it with my finger then I use an enema.  The enema will remove the soft stuff and might leave more solid stuff, which I remove with a second finger check. (I warned you it was going to be graphic).  The downside is that water is left behind and most lube is water soluble - in other words a very raw ass if too much water is still there.  I hope it goes without saying that you should wash your hands very well after this.

If I am having anal sex with only one person then I don’t need to do anything else, but if I am doing a gangbang where a lot of guys will be fucking my ass or I know the guy is really big (especially really thick) then a more thorough cleaning.  All those cocks pumping my ass creates a vacuum that will pull shit down.

My preferred method is to drink magnesium citrate.  It’s used before major surgery or colonoscopy to clean out EVERYTHING.  I try to use this at least 24 hours beforehand, but if necessary just the night before.  I take it on an empty stomach and then drink a big glass of water.  And then stay very close to the toilet for the next several hours.  Several lit candles (or a bonfire) and a gas mask are a good idea, too.  To put it bluntly this stuff makes you shit your brains out.

The reason I try to do this at least 24 hours beforehand is that small, sharp, undigested food can get caught at the asshole and they will make anal sex hurt (for me, not the guy).  Doing this a day in advance gives everything a chance to come out on its own and for my ass to settle down.  I still do a finger check just beforehand, too.

The other option, which I used to do, is modify my diet.  Two days before I eat only salads and foods high in fiber.  I drink protein shakes and lots of water.  I’m trying to get calories while using natural laxatives that won’t produce a lot more shit.  Then the day before I don’t eat, only drink clear liquids, and do a couple of enemas (one in the morning and another that night).  The day of I eat light, but still more on the liquid side (protein shakes work best for me).  And of course, I do a finger check just before.

I think you can see why I prefer the magnesium citrate.  I am a carnivore.  I love meat.  Steak and potatoes are the perfect food and I like my steak rare.  Practically starving for 3 days so a group of guys can fuck me in my ass kinda sucks.  But I try to be an obedient little slut for my Husband and he likes to see my ass gangbanged. :D

As for the actual act of anal sex - use lots and lots of lube.  Sometimes I can do anal with one person without lube (how it happens I have no idea), but in general lube your ass and lube the cock and don’t be afraid to re-lube often.  Then it’s all about relaxing.  A lot of times I need a cock to enter my ass and thrust slowly for a while before I loosen up.

I hope people found this helpful.  I apologize for being so graphic, but there’s no polite way to explain this.

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