Sorry I’ve been so absent lately.  After being gone so much I’ve had a lot to catch up with at home.

I finally finished shopping for gifts and been planning holiday dinners.  My husband and I are going to make pheasant on Christmas day.  It’s something neither of us have ever made, although my husband has eaten it before.  The bigger dinner is when we go to visit his family.  My sister-in-law is an amazing cook and the three of us always put on quite the dinner.  We’re making a lamb stew that my husband and I have done a few times.  It’s amazing.

My husband is off from work until after the New Year, so he and I will be spending a lot of time together.  I’m really looking forward to it.  There’s some incredible French and Italian restaurants in the Twin Cities.

  1. eric-forman77 said: My favorite Italian is Broders Pasta Bar. And for French, Salut is in that same part of town…
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